Parks and Trails

Park sign at Mini Tonka park.In 1959, the city received plans for its first-ever park, Gro Tonka. Now, several decades later, the city of Minnetonka plans and maintains five community parks and 44 neighborhood parks—and Gro Tonka is still part of that system.

The Park and Trail Maintenance division provides site support for the Minnetonka-Hopkins Recreation Program and various athletic groups, maintains turf at 96 sites as well as 17 athletic fields, constructs and maintains 10 hockey and 10 pleasure skating rinks in the winter, maintains 81 miles of trails and sidewalks which includes years round maintenance of 35 miles of trails and 10 miles of sidewalk.

Parks, Open Space, and Trail System Plan

This implementation plan focuses specifically on the key strategies for the park, open space, and trail system plan. A well-conceived strategy is vital to making strides toward implementing the system plan to its fullest potential.