Backyard conservation

Most of the land in Minnetonka is owned by individual property owners like you. Your trees cool the air, host birds, and provide beauty to the neighborhood. The way each person manages their property has an effect on the environment of our community and beyond. You may see more butterflies and birds if there’s a restored prairie nearby. Your garden may be nibbled if there are too many deer in town. If invasive plants like buckthorn are taking over the woodlands, they will probably be in your yard too.

Minnetonka residents value the natural environment and are generally aware of practices that promote a healthy environment. You know that the chemicals applied to your lawn and garden can get into ponds, wetlands and streams. Most people do not leave spilled fertilizer on the street or driveway and do not dispose of grass clippings or leaves into our ponds. But did you know there are benefits in not mowing down to the edge of a pond or right around the trunk of every tree? The following information is designed to encourage you and your neighbors to maintain, restore, and manage your part of Minnetonka’s environment.

A well-maintained backyard with trees and shrubs.