Campaign sign rules

Temporary political campaign signs can be posted in even-numbered years beginning 46 days prior to the State Primary and must be removed within ten days following the November election.

In odd-numbered years, temporary campaign signs can be posted starting June 16 and must be removed within ten days following the November municipal election.

Signs may not be posted on publicly owned land. On private land, the following rules for temporary political signs apply:

  • Signs must be no larger than six square feet, except on collector or arterial streets where up to 32 square feet is permitted.
  • Signs must be at least five feet from the edge of a public street.
  • Signs must not obstruct driver visibility at intersections.
  • Signs must have the approval of the underlying property owner.
  • Signs must not be posted on fences, trees, shrubs, or public utility poles.
  • Signs must not be painted on rocks or other natural features.
  • Signs must not be located within the right-of-way of state or county roads.

On election days, the following rules apply to posting signs near polling places:

  • On private property, signs must be 100 feet from the door where voters will enter.
  • For public property, signs must not be within 100 feet of the building in which a polling place is situated, or anywhere on the public property.

If you have questions or complaints about campaign signs, please call the planning division at 952.939.8290.